About CashRound

I own and run a Randomizer that is build to help you too.

Pay as little as 6$ (This month: We run a campaign: pay only 3$) to your sponsor. And you have to pay 3$ to the admin.
Your payment to Admin (me) will go to administrations and to the money pool!
1 new member means 1 dollar added the money pool from the admins fee. Every month a random member will be offered the pool. The pool can be large or small. It is up to you and your effort of telling others about us :-)
I can assure you, that i do my part!

Members on Cashround can join our group on Fantastic BizWorld too. You find more promo tools and help there.

What is a randomizer?
It means that your affiliate link is unique, but members may sign up a random member, if they surf around the site, before they sign up. Leaving homepage and come back means a new member will be featured as sponsor on the homepage. Too bad sometimes and woohoo other times.... Random traffic!

On My randomizer, you can advertise your banners for free. From members area, you can post banners over and over.... they will be promoted by you and the members on CashRound.

Join us and have fun. We are cooperating with Pick Up Referrals - a downline builder.

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