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What is swom?

Swom stands for Super Word-of-Mouth and is a social networking sites for home-businessses that gives you the tools to achieve your financial destiny. These include:
  • Meet new prospects - thousands of internet marketers meet here - they can be you next customer or Joint-Venture partner!
  • Create your own group - give exposure of your business or opportunity and meet new customers.
  • Twitter link - post messages to Twitter directly from Swom - put your marketing on auto-pilot!
  • Affiliate program - generous 70% payout on commissions in an advanced social networking affiliate program!
Learn as you earn and start building an income from day one. You can earn a full-time income promoting Swom or your own opportunities - with time and dedication you can earn a realistic 4, 5 or even 6-figure sum each and every month!

How do I make money with Swom?

It's simple. When you join Swom, you are given a personalized referral link. You can use this to refer friends, family and colleagues to Swom and receive commissions if they subsequently upgrade. We make it easy to refer by offering free tools such as an email contacts importer.
The Swom website has special marketing materials on it which sells itself, and has been carefully optimized to give the best results. It is also a social network with an incredible community so our conversion and retention rates are very high compare to the industry average. New members are often surprised with the level of community participation we have at Swom. All you have to do is spread the word and tell people to visit your unique Swom referral page. We deal with everything else, including order processing and aftersales services. You just bring people to the website, and collect the checks!

How much can I earn?

As much as you like! There are 5 main ways of earning commissions:
  • $15 Instant Referral Bonuses
  • Ongoing Residual Referral Bonuses
  • 'Gold Evangelist' Bonuses
  • Community Participation Bonuses
  • Gaining visibility for your own opportunities
You can read more about these in the next few questions.
You can quickly earn commissions by referring new Gold members. With time and dedication, you can build thousands of connections that can earn you a significant income that would be the envy of any doctor or banker. In some cases, it is possible to earn a five, six or even seven figure income, just by working from home!
Some people prefer to socialize and participate in community discussions - whatever you prefer to do, Swom rewards you with both commissions and community recognition.

What is the $15 Instant Referral Bonus?

You receive $15 for every new personal referral that upgrades to Gold membership, paid in the first month after they upgrade.
But that's not all! You continue to receive $5 every month from the second month onwards for each of your Gold referrals - every month - as long as they remain Gold!
Example 1:
If you refer 10 gold members you will receive:
  • 10 * $15.00 = $150.00 first month
  • 10 * $5.00 = $50.00 every month thereafter*

Example 2:
If you refer 100 gold members you will receive:
  • 100 * $15.00 = $1500.00 first month
  • 100 * $5.00 = $500.00 every month thereafter*
* Qualification: Refer 10% new gold members to qualify. No requirements for first $25.

What is the Ongoing Residual Referral Bonus?

You receive $15 for every new personal referral that upgrades to Gold membership, paid in the first month after they upgrade.
But that's not all! You continue to receive $5 every month from the second month onwards for each of your Gold referrals - every month - as long as they remain Gold!
See the question above for examples.

What is the 'Gold Evangelist' Bonus?

Are you feeling evangelical about Swom Gold?
This is the perfect reward for those that love to connect with free members and help them see the light of Swom Gold membership! A whopping 20% of company-wide Gold membership commissions are paid into this bonus!
Here's how it works - You may connect with new or existing free members and help them upgrade to Gold membership. To qualify you must send each of them at least one personal wall post message (not email) to help them upgrade to Gold. You message must be helpful and you must take care not to spam. Your message may contain your testimonial on Swom, its benefits or just a friendly offer to help them use Swom - it must contain the word 'Gold' and must not contain any other links/URL.
For every member that subsequently upgrades within 30 days of your message, you will automatically receive 10 shares in the 'Gold Evangelist' Bonus Pool!
This bonus pool will pay out along with other commissions on or around the 10th of each month. The value of each share will depend on number of Gold members company-wide and number of shares issued during that month. We provide a running estimate as a guide only but the final value will depend on the above.
The more Gold members there are, the more each share is likely to be worth! There are no limits on how many shares you can have. The more you help members upgrade, the more you earn!

What is the Community Participation Bonus?

Swom's unique Community Participation Bonus pays an extraordinary 50% of company-wide Gold membership commissions into this bonus! This means that you can earn commissions month after month just for participating in what you love - the Swom social network!

What are Community Points?

To earn shares in the Community Participation Bonus Pool, you need community points. Community points are a rough measurement of how much contribution you have made towards the Swom community.
To gain community points, make new connections and interact positively with other Swom members. Have fun! Some actions will earn you community points, while others will allow you to 'spend' them:
make a new connection +1
post a status update or wall message +1
post a comment or reply +1
refer a new member +1
post a testimonial (if accepted) +50
win community chest (you get a small chance of this every time you do any of the above) between 5 - 100
post a message with a link/URL in it Spend 5 points
You can earn a maximum of 200 community points per day (community chests are immune to this limit). Also, there are sometimes special competitions which will allow you to earn more.
On or around the 10th of each month, we add up the total number of community points earned by Gold members during that month. The amount that you earn depends on how many points you have and the size of the bonus pool. The more community points you have, the bigger apportion of the bonus pool you will get!
Tip: Your Community Score appears on your public profile and is a measure of your contribution to the Swom community. Having a higher score will give you better reputation within the Swom community.

How can I increase my commissions?

It's easy to earn while having fun on Swom! Here's what you can do to increase your monthly earnings:

Step 1: Promote Swom on the internet

The best way is to refer new members to Swom and help them upgrade to Gold. You will receive $15 in the first month for every Gold member and receive $5 every month thereafter - forever! As long as someone signs up using your referral link it does not matter whether they upgrade straight away or after six months - you will still get the instant and the ongoing referral bonuses each month.

Step 2: Connect with existing members

Another great way is to connect with existing free members on Swom - Explain to them the benefits of Gold membership and help them upgrade. You can then earn shares in the 'Gold Evangelist' Bonus Pool which can be lucrative!

Step 3: Participate in groups and conversations - but don't Spam!

Swom is all about social networking. Connect with people, make lasting relationships and enjoy your time at Swom! By earning Community Points, you build up a great reputation at Swom and a loyal set of connections. Most professional marketers will agree that this alone is priceless but here at Swom we even pay you for having fun!

Can I spam people to increase my Community Score?

Spam, or Unsolicited Commercial Emails (UCE) is immoral, and illegal in many countries. We do not tolerate spam, and have a strict anti-spam policy.
We have a system which allows members to report unwelcome messages which will lead to lower community scores. In contrast supportive and welcome interaction increases your community scores.

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