About PickUpReferrals

Pick Up Referrals is a downline builder. (DB) Easy to join and to use.
You will find business to join. All selected by me as the founder of the DB. I have picked the ones, that i truly believe will make good biz for you and me.
The only issue is..... how can i convince you to join them all and promote this DB as your only biz???

As a free member, you can add 1 program to the builder.
Pro members can add 5.
It means that you have as a free member: 11 programs you can promote with ONE Url.
Pro's have 15!!!

Think about it. Promote One single URL.... let it work for you. Be sure, that you have joined them all and updated the DB with YOUR affiliate id's... when new referrals join your link, they sign up under your downline. GREAT!

Read the FAQ for more information or post me a message!

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