This blog is made as a helpful tool to friends and visitors.
I think i have tried it all as affiliate. I have joined so many businesses, that i forgot the Golden Rule: Keep the focus!!

I have the focus on my own sites like Pick Up Referrals and CashRound. They are great together.
And i have my focus on one social community: SWOM.
Love to be there. Have found many new friends and find the potential there enormous! :-)

I will add links, guidelines and my own view of the sites and the world in general.
As a nurse i always think of a better way to do it all... and i can only hope, that i can contribute with some knowledge or attention towards UNHCR. Help others when you can. Its a mission beyond anything else :-)

Finally, i love fun and a relaxing tone. You might find links to movies and actors.... love Gerard Butler :-)

Enjoy your stay here.
Tanja Andersen

Read more about me here: Tanja.ws

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