Thursday, April 15, 2010

Icelandic volcanic ash alert in Denmark


About 14.00 PM the ashes from the volcano will hit Denmark. And about 18.00 PM it will cover our country all over..
Its the same problem in UK and Scandinavian.
The eruption under a glacier in the Eyjafjallajoekull area of Iceland is the second in the country in less than a month.

We can control much... but the nature control us in the end.
I do not dare to think about how much, this eruption will cost us in time, life and money.
Inhaling ashes can not be healthy and the damages, may turn up in a few years. Think about the firemen from 9-11?
Everything happens for a reason. And the eruption is very beautiful in all its powerful violence....


  1. Very interesting and excellent Blog Tanja and that is scary about the volcanic ash.....

    Wendy & Tony :)

  2. Yes, It has disrupted all flights from everywhere around western Europe.No Airlines have been airbourne since!
    People on holidays have been and WILL be stranded for another week! Some travelers have been complaining to airlines!! WHY?? It is not their fault..It is Nature, and NO-One can Over Power Nature!
    Great Blog, Tanja!
    Pray It Ceases Soon Though!