Thursday, April 8, 2010

Being a nurse

Being a nurse means a day full of surprises..... i work on a hospital, where i am at the section with lung patients.
I am also the nurse who take care of all the new patients from home. I welcome them and give them a nice feeling of being taken care of. Very important. To feel security means relaxing. Relaxing is the first step towards a better healing... and a good laugh too ;-)

Some of these patients need blood transfusions or have too much blood and needs a venesectio. One get blood into their veins... and others needs to get "tapped". We go out a door with one mission to go in a door with the otherwise.... and these situations are daily action. Give and take :-)

I love my profession and i am very proud of being a nurse. Can only recommend it to you if you seek a job that gives and take - in a good balance.

Too much care means the patients slip their responsibility for them selves.
Lesser care means neglecting others need for help and they feel lost.... lost people act with their feelings and can not always control them. We face them with anger, think they are annoying or simply ignore them....
They are LOST!
I say: Show more love, have fun and be respectful!

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