Saturday, April 10, 2010

Saturday - what to do???

Its Saturday and its my day off from work. Tomorrow too.
I have a garden, that needs my attention and i am not born with "green finger".
So i guess i will be inside and swom a little, because its PAY DAY!!!

Swom is a community where you get paid to communicate and connect with members. Being active means more to earn. I like to swom, even if i didnt get paid. I like the members and the fast communication there. You can ramble all you like and still get paid :-)
Gold membership is to recommend, because you get paid 15$ when a referred upgrade to Gold. You get paid 5$ every month as long as they stay Gold. It can be a good biz... all to win and nothing to lose except your time there. And if you spend it well, you can ramble about your other businesses :-)

My daughter have washed her little bicycle and mine. She have been outside and having a good time. Me? Sitting here and typing on a blog and connecting with people around the world. Is it good or bad? Well, as long as you think its great and not a "must-do" project, then i am fine with it. As long as i am attended on my daughter and husband and not forgetting my other duties.... then i think its a great way to shape your skills and building relationships.

The only bad thing here is... i have a stationary computer. If i had a computer i could have with me all over the house, it would be great!! I wish that. It must be the next project.... a new computer!

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  1. Aloha Tanja,
    I am also a member of Swom and I do enjoy talking to the members there. It is good to earn money just to chat,lol.